• Who Are Tajintech?

    TajinTech Inc. is a US based company experienced in providing solutions in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that constantly sets the standards in technology, efficiency and innovation. We specialize in providing innovative, well engineered, high tech solutions with cost effective and practical business applications. We leverage our patented high tech offerings, our clients benefits ranging from cutting edge communications to sustainable energy.


    Yes, with the new Tajintech website, we have integrated our subsidiary company and website into this website. AirClear Energy was the energy sector of Tajintech Inc. and with the launch of this new website, it only made sense to fold it into this one for a more cohesive structure of our online presence.


    Tajintech’s patent applications detail how networks could be built efficiently using millimeter-wave systems. The progression of Tajintech will allow any multimedia site to seamlessly integrate themselves in a more accessible manner to the end user. The multimedia site will harmoniously enter into the natural viewing habits of their consumer. Tajintech commitment is all about creating the technology backbone for distributing the public’s copyrighted content through a powerful 3rd party resellers and Tube sites.


    Millimeter-wave technology allows for larger data transmission at faster delivery speeds, but these types of signals can’t really go through objects all that well, so a direct line of sight is needed — an added complication. Millimeter-wave wireless operates in the 30 to 300GHz spectrum, a frequency also being tested by operators for proposed 5G cellular networks. It’s generally set up as a “mesh” network, where signals are bounced between strategically placed antennas. Such signals generally don’t go through walls or other obstacles, so a direct line of sight is required.