About Our Technologies

Tajintech leverages proven characteristics of compressed air technology for the operation of wind turbine consistently beyond the reach of traditional exposable towers. Our enclosed compressed air system can safely and effectively bring advanced power to remote sites that use expensive fossil fuel to generate electricity today. By enclosing wind turbines and using compressed air methods, the elimination of logistic challenges of installing traditional renewable energies in remote areas are achieved, maintenance scheduling is improved, energy reliability and turbine efficiency is improved, communication signal and touristic view interference is eliminated, and the cost of energy in remote communities and at remote industrial sites are reduced. The enclosed compressed air method of operation is one of the untapped economical renewable energy resources in the world.

There is enough energy that could be generated using enclosed compressed air method to power remote communities, cities, and states while protecting the environment. In the U.S. alone, over 60% of potential wind sites such as tower-mounted systems were found to be uneconomical because they depend on the natural existence of wind. The advent of enclosed compressed air technology holds the potential to bring affordable wind energy to these communities, cities, and states to impact economic growth.


AirClear Energy is the energy sector of Tajintech Inc. and was founded by Joseph Akwo Tabe, a Mechanical Engineer who also specializes in Research and Development (R&D). The formation of AirClear Energy came about as a solution to global warming resulting from the constant emission of greenhouse gases that has currently exceeded the atmosphere’s capacity to safely absorb them. As a result of this crisis, AirClear Energy, Inc. was born.

With the new Tajintech website, we have integrated our subsidiary company and website into this website. AirClear Energy was the energy sector of Tajintech Inc. and with the launch of this new website, it only made sense to fold it into this one for a more cohesive structure of our online presence.

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