Smart Diaper Device



  1. Pee & Poo Detection
  2. Body Temperature
  3. Sleep & Awake notification
  4. Health report
  5. Sleep analysis
  6. Diaper change notification
  7. Fall( Bump) Alert (9+ month child only)

Technical Info

  1. Connectivity: Bluetooth
  2. Material: TPU Skin Friendly
  3. Battery: 200mah, 12+ hr back up
  4. Size: 40x40mm
  5. Charging: Type C

Coming Soon. Delivery Starts in Feb 2022, Book your device now. 


World’s first Diaper Device, powered by MiMiMa.

The device is a compact and flexible gadget that can be attached to the diaper and will provide data related to Pee & Poo, Diaper change and health report. The device will also send data for body temperature & notify parents/guardians of any abnormality. As per the report from the manufacturer, the device has longer battery backup and the material used is safe for the skin, in our case with babies and adults.

The device notifications can be accessed using its application that will be available on all the major platforms. The application will be parent-friendly and will provide all the relevant information as needed by the parent. Critical data information like Pee & Poo, Diaper Change, Body Temperature, and Sleep Analysis will be displayed on the application.

This is the only functional diaper device in the world. With 2 variants consisting of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for remote access. The diaper device is a attachable gadget that can be fixed to any diaper.